At FORMATUBE we are proud to announce that our staff have a vast background in the fabrication and finishing of custom stainless steel, aluminium and other steel tube forming product for the marine and superyacht industry.  With the high level of interest and demand from prestige yacht manufacturers we continue to deliver the highest quality products for the marine industry.

Our mandrel bending machine can achieve quality formed tubes down to 2D CLR (center line radius) bends. With the machinery on the shop floor comes the technical infrastructure backing it. This allows us to work from the simplest 2D tube drawings to full 3D Assembly interface, meaning you can email us your 3D tubework files and we simply open them and export direct information to the tube machines and operators. This way we can maintain 100% native data from your design into fabrication.

Laser cutting, bending and fabricating of plate products, which may compliment the tube products, is also a value-added service we offer.

So whether you’re a weekend sailor or a vessel manufacturing company, feel free to call or visit us to discuss how our Marine Fabrication Specialist can help you.